Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I don't hate symbiotes and Clones.

Ah, maximum carnage. This is one of the first video games I remember asking for for Christmas. To this day one of my favorite comic book video games and I'll argue that the game is better then the story that spawned it. also, a damn hard game at that! it wasn't until I re-play it as an adult that I was able to beat it. I spent hours upon hours trying to finish this game as a kid, and always that doppleganger would whoop my ass. This game is also partially responsible for my getting into comics more heavily as a kid. with all of the cameo appearances and panels taken directly from the books, it left me wanting more. So any time I see Carnage or any symbiote offspring of venom in a book it brings back fond memories of this 16-bit beat em up.

This is the first comic i remember getting. sure I had no idea who the guy in the hoodie was, or who he and spider-man were fighting, but It looked interesting. and I managed to convince my mom to buy it for me at the local eckerd's. (The place to get comics before I found out they have stores dedicated to them) Talk about jumping in blind, this was in the thick of the clone saga, with not one, but four versions of peter parker appearing in this issue. but I read it and was completly enamored. From then on I bought spider-man when ever I could. Just a few monthes ago I was rumaging through the back issues at my local comic shop and found spectacular spider-man #224, "the mark of kain part 4." and was finally able to see how the story ended.

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