Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a quick recap of spider-man in the last few months.

So a lot has happened in the spider-man books since I last posted. unfortunately, not a lot of it is good.

+Michelle has shown slight improvement, that is no longer trying to kill peter.
+Kaine has returned, and has been given good development.
-Kaine also got his ass handed to him by a 12 year old.
-Charlie has gotten no character development
BIG - the lizard story sucked balls. while I commend them for trying something different(as I wanted) they had him eat his own son. and the art hurt my eyes.
probably a -, but may work out: Kraven the hunter is coming back. I've loved the arc so far, but I just hope they can follow through with it, and make his resurrection worth while. but, really, was anyone clamoring for Kraven to return? give us Ben already.....

and unless O.M.I.T. retcons the hell out of OMD it is probably going to suck also.

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