Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I have hope in the Green Lantern film.

I'll freely admit i'm a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I'm not in a hissy fit over his being cast as Hal Jordon. here are a few reason why I have a positive outlook on 2011's Green Lantern film.

1. Remember this picture?

The costume from the teaser looks a little different. does the CGI look a little off? Yea, but they have six months to hammer it out. and I can think of a few films that have had less then stellar effect in the trailers.

2. Ryan Reynolds can do dramatic roles. Look at his characters in the Amityville Horror, Buried and Smoking Aces. Not a whole lot of funny in them. sure the teaser showed us the hilarious Ryan all the women love. You know why? To get those same women to go see the film. It's marketing.

3. All that has been shown is a teaser trailer which was more then likely churned out in time for the holiday season. it was released to generate buzz, not to get people in the theaters right now.

4.Martin Campbell isn't Uwe Boll. the guy makes pretty decent movies. He made a reboot of 007 fly, that's pretty good to me.

5.Marvel has been owning DC in the theaters for the last ten years. how is this a good thing? competition breeds better products. DC wants their own Iron Man and I doubt their going to put all of their egg in a basket that will turn out like Steel.....

Of course, I could be completely wrong. The movie could suck monkey balls, but I this point I'm optimistic.

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