Saturday, February 6, 2010

A quick word on the Marvel landscape.

Whether or not you like his work, you can't deny that when Brian Michael Bendis came on to avenger in 2004 that it changed the landscape of the book. All of a sudden you had Spider-man, Wolverine, and Luke Cage as prominent members of the team. While the Vision, Hawkeye, and Thor were nowhere to be seen, that was seven long years ago, and with Siege, Bendis promises to bring back the holy trinity of marvel: Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. I won't lie, I'm excited, but with that excitement I feel a bit of hesitation. Marvel promises a new universe-changing status quo yearly.....and at this point it's old. For the most part, I've like the Marvel Universe of the '00. Avengers disassembled and house of M were well told stories that were fresh at the time. Civil War was entertaining and while some of the characterizations were.....odd, it is what got me back into heavily reading comics. World War Hulk was forgettable and where the cracks began to show for me. After that came Secret Invasion. The premise was interesting; it was just four issues too long. Bendis was buying time, and event fatigue was in full swing. I managed to hold a sense of optimism a lot longer than most fans, and I chalk that up to being new(er) to monthly collecting. With Dark Reign Marvel decided to do away with any semblance of a break between events. It began directly after secret invasion and will end with Siege. I like what they've done with Norman Osborn, but I want to be able to read a story that is self contained. You lose the majesty of the crossover if it is an everyday affair. Imagine if McDonald’s sold the MC rib one would want it. I hope Marvel will allow a breather after Siege. Allow the impact of the story to have resonance, allow writers to develop ideas without having to cater to the next event.
Jesse Garrett

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