Monday, June 8, 2009

that other comic company....

If you read superhero comics, the chances are you read Marvel or DC, and I've yet to find a comic fan who is not partial to one over the other. this is normal, some people like vanilla ice cream, some like chocolate. I don't think there is anything wrong with this at all, and I'm not one to think ill of you for what you like. but I wasn't always this way.
I grew up on marvel, reading spider-man and the X-men. and while I certainly knew who batman and superman were, they weren't my superheros. DC comics was the "other company" that sucked just because. sadly I held on to this view for a long while. It has been only fairly recently that I've been able to overcome this stubborn fanboy-ness I had.
I decided to really look at why I had the opinions I did. The only reason I had never read DC was because I was simply too scared to try something new. after all, I knew who spider-man and wolverine and Hulk were. I didn't want to jump into a whole new universe with characters I wasen't familiar with. So I continued to spout off at the mouth, claiming DC sucked because Marvel was "more realistic" and "for adults" while DC was "too complicated" and my favorite criticism was "superman is too powerful, he can do anything" keep in mind this is all without really reading any DC comics. So I had a very one-sided view of the matter.
Recently I've began to immerse myself into the comic community more and have gotten a much better understanding of "that other comic company" , I've also, ya know, read some of their titles. So I've tossed away much of my nonsensical prejudices and can say that while Spider-man is still my favorite superhero, I am looking forward to blackest night.

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