Monday, June 8, 2009

Earning one's geek badge.

Here's yet another Blog I'm re-posting, it could fit vaguely under the category "geek lifestyle"

I'm a big geek, a nerd also(yes, there is a difference). this is pretty prevalent to anyone who's seen my myspace.(is that correct?) the geeky side gets my love of comic books, movies, sci-fi, and the macabre in general. on the nerdy slice of life you get: a never-diminishing interest in dinosaurs, planetology, a love of reading and to top it off "mad gamer skillz". I can tell you that venom first appeared in cameos in amazing spider-man 298 and 299 before making his first full appearance in 300 and that the "velociraptors" in Jurassic park were actually Deinonychus which looked a little more cinematic and deadly, velociraptor is a little easier on the tongue.

So we've established my geekdom. and this is where my point begins to show.The other day, I made a passing comment about comic-book Wednesdays, as I call them. A friend of mine seemed generally shocked to find out I collected comics, and even to my extent of geek ness. This, in turn, shocked me as I believed I wore it on my sleve like a badge. He said he never would have guessed me a geek. which made me begin to ponder and contemplate the status of "geeks". woo-hoo philosophy class is paying off!

Let's look at the facts, the evidence, if I may. I talk like a geek. On average 1 of every 7 sentences I speak during a day has a random movie, TV, or book reference thats just floating around in my brain, waiting to be plunked out and used. This tips off my brethren to my presence, and leaves everyone else scratching their heads.

I have geek hobbies, you will never see this guy at a so-called "sports" event, no not because I have a fleshy patch where my balls used to be*, but because I have absolutely no interest in watching sweaty men in tights tackle each other.(I still don't get how other dudes can use football as a confirmation of hetro status, I don't care how good of a game it was, I don't like my ass getting slapped) I spend my time watching movies, or reading , or playing games. If I'm not doing this I'm probably on the internet looking up something about movies, books, or games. See the pattern?

Perhaps the only field my obbse-, uh I mean interests fault is in my appearance. Most geeks are so enamored in their lifestyle that they could care less about the way they look, save for maybe which shirt to wear, Wars or Trek. this is the genesis of the current "geek style" the popular kids are trying to emulate. In fact, I don't believe there is any set style to wear. When you put that much effort into looking to fit into a mold, you should know you don't belong, I don't care that your converse's have writing on them. I prefer to dress in a style that is a little more "preppy" then the stereotypical geek, and maybe that's throwing people off. You know, we don't all look like comic book guy from the Simpsons.

have we learned anything today, true believers? .......I'm guessing no. All I'm saying is that my culture and lifestyle is such a big part of who I am, that I believed it to be stamped across my forehead. Others would love to be assumed as some type of frat boy reject, But not me, let me bask in the fact that I can name all five green goblin incarnations and quote Bruce Campbell during daily conversation.

* movie quote; The 40 year old virgin
(and yes, I do have balls)

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