Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mini-Rant time!

So one of the problems I feel is plaguing comics is the fact that the medium as a whole is simultaneously being marketed as both a more adult AND a more childish outlet then the books I grew up on. You have sex and violence in damn near every splash page, coupled with shallow writing and poor characterization.
Comics are a illustrative medium, equal parts visual and literature. One can't be crap or the book is going to be flawed. You have creators trying to shove two dimensional characters down our throats, or rehashes of old story lines, when they cannot bring anything new to the table. If you can't tell a story better, or at least from a fresh perspective do not re-tell us a plot line that has already been done to death, and please stop resurrecting characters without bringing anything fresh to that character.

case in point: The Amazing Spider-man.
I enjoy a lot more of the post brand new day Spider-man then most fans.........that being said, there is still a lot that I don't enjoy. Like Michelle Gonzales, and Black Cat, and Peter being a photographer, again.
Michelle Gonzales's one character trait is that she is a bitch. I'm sorry but that's all I've gotten out of her since she appeared. I'm assuming she is supposed to thought of as "independent" and "tough" but essentially taking advantage of a guy, getting pissed off because he regrets a one night stand, and punching him in the face are not ways to develop a character.
I like black Cat, I don't like how she's lost all of the character development she had from the past twenty years. She is being shown as someone who does not give a shit about Spider-man. selling his blood to the black market? how is that a smart move for anyone. And the "relationship" between her and Peter? I didn't mind it happening......but Peter should have realized his mistake and ended it....instead of bitching and whining after every roll in the spider sack.
That's my biggest complaint with his character: he's moving backwards. he's not learning anything, and he seems to have lost of lot of the lessons he's learned over the years. I understand that being a super hero is very taxing, but part of growing up is being able to manage more responsibilities, like a full time job, or paying your rent on time. Peter Parker being a teacher was believable and it fit the character. Making a character less mature is not how to relate to your readers. Give them something to look up to. I guess I just don't like a spider-man that's younger then I am.

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