Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh the things I apprciate in my life.

Being Thanksgiving and all, I thought I would compile a list of a few things that I have going for me.

*my job. I enjoy it a lot more then some, and in the current economy, that's a lot to ask for.

*my family, particularly my parents and siblings. I'm not always the easiest to be around, but they tolerant me.

*my friends, especially the ones I've met and re-met over the last year. I feel welcome in their presence and they are always entertaining.

*The entertainers who's books I've read, film's I've watched and games I've played. It made sound trite, but they've helped me stay sane.

*my boss. Shocker I know, but I have one of the few who offer assistance whenever i need it and positive feedback when I ask.

*Above all else, My best friend. She is a role model, a muse, and a inspiration all in one. I'm lucky to have her in my life.

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