Tuesday, March 2, 2010

some quick thoughts on Spider-man: the clone saga

So the Clone saga mini has finished up. And It was good. Honestly, the best comics I've read in a long while. yes, I'm a little biased, but this book is just fun. And fun comics are hard to find lately.It had drama and intense moments, but overall it was not "dark and gritty". The spider-quipping is spot on, and the relationship between Ben and Peter was done very good and seemed natural. Plus it was just awesome to see Ben Reilly again.

Rather then give a summery, I'm going to list the major differences between the original series and the new mini.

*Peter and Ben bond a lot quicker.
*Mary Jane gets sick as well as aunt May, who doesn't die.
* Kaine kills the Jackel.
* Spidercide does not appear.
*Dr. Ock does not die.
*Ben fights Dr. ock, as Spider-Man.
*Ben and Peter both appear in costume, as Spider-man(men?)
*Alison Mongrain is a nurse, not a waitress.
*Harry is the mastermind, not Norman, who is a clone.
*Norman sacrifices himself to save Peter.....which oddly works.

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